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High Speed 3 Motor System Dry Method Film Solvent Base Laminating Machine in 150m/Min

Application and Features

1. The machine adopts Siemens PLC programmable control system; full auto tension control by PLC.

2. Taiwan Weinview color touch screen man-machine interface operation, concentrated display and control working state, speed, tension and other parameters.

3.The design of one button to Start/Stop realizes linkage control of blower, heating, gluing, laminating pressure roller, tension switch, main motor start/stop and others, and no need to start/stop one button by one button.

4. Tow motors(double frequency inverters) or three motors(three frequency inverter) control system is optional, Japan Yasukawa inverter.

5. Air-expansion shaft for first unwinding, second unwinding and rewinding.

6. Double-photoelectric computer E.P.C system is installed at first unwinding and ultrasonic wave E.P.C system is installed at the exit of oven.

7. Low friction pneumatic floating roller is installed at the entrance of oven; full auto tension control by PLC inside the oven.

8. Glue spreading by anilox roller, doctor blade from Switzerland, independent motor responsible for horizontal moving of blade holder.

9. Conductive oil heating inside laminating hot roller, with features of even temperature and power saving.

10. Gluing pressing roller and laminating pressing roller adopt pneumatic pressure and the pressure is adjustable.

11. Total length of the oven is 8 meters, with pneumatic open; inner guide rollers are shaped in arch, with belt transmission actively; aisle and guardrail are installed at the side of the oven.

12. The oven is divided into 4 sections with external electric heating system and temperature for every section can be regulated independently.

13.  Hot air circulation structure is designed inside the oven and the oven inner adopts stainless steel 304; the heat can be recycled and save energy.

14.  Front exhaust hood is installed at the entrance of the oven and exhaust the gas of high concentration volatilized initially.

15.  All guide rollers are highly hardened aluminum alloys, with dynamic equilibrium treatment.

Main Technical   Parameters



Max. laminating   speed


Max. laminating   width


Total power