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High Speed Electronic Shaft Rotogravure Printing Machine in 300 mpm

Applicable materials:
This machine is used for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and roll paper with excellent properties of thin film reel material printing more continuous printing color, widely applied in all kinds of high grade print. IMG_256下方插入段落上方插入段落
Main Structure Character:
1. Independent rotary disk-type unwind and rewind stations.
2.Printing:Vertical register system, high precision and less waste.Doctor blade plays with double-axis.Driven by servo motor.
3.Dry oven:Patent technology,Oven using high temperature axial fans built-in heating.
4. Servo motor controlling system.
5. Automatic splicing and cutting.
6. Floating roller to adjust tension
7. Unwinding and rewinding air shaft
8. Pneumatic pressing roller.
9. Shaftess printing cylinder.
10. Automatic registration with video inspection.
11. Heavy-duty doctor blade.
12. Pneumatic ink pump.
13. Electric heating .
14.Independent drying and suction exhausting system,air circulated,max recycled rate 50%,outside oven increase the amount of blowing air to ensure the drying.
15. Max speed: 300 m/min

Main Technical Parameters



Printing colors

8   (user can increase or decrease)

Diamter of pring cylinder


Max.printing width


diameter of unwind/rewind


Machine speed

320 m/min

Max.printing speed


Register precision


Drying method

heat pump heating device

Total power


Weight of machine


Overall dimension

18500 × 3300 × 3370mm